"The destiny of all depends on the actions of each one." / Alexander the Great


It is a daily challenge to provide three hot, nutritious meals to our girls and teenagers, to maintain an infrastructure that includes bedrooms, clean bathrooms, adequate industrial kitchens, patios and playgrounds, as well as clothing, toys and school supplies, since we ensure that they attend school and receive everything they need to learn

In addition, we have qualified and specialized personnel to provide supplementary teaching, psychologists, art classes, handicraft classes, physical activation activities, among others

At times, total or partial remodeling is also necessary to continue operating.
The economic resources are not abundant either; expenses such as electricity, water, telephone, and gasoline for the vehicles that transport the girls are not small. Every peso or dollar you donate will be put to good use and you will be able to see it work by transforming the lives of our girls and adolescents

🙏 Our Casa Hogar needs you as a human being, a businessman, a professional and a donor


Being socially responsible is not only the right thing to do, but also generates a great impact. It generates loyalty and commitment from employees, partners, suppliers and customers

Corporate Social Responsibility gives visibility and presence, and contributes to community development and the
common good

"Become an Ally, Friend or Sponsor of Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco"

1.-Throughout the year, they make one or more types of donations:

• Corporate: the company donates part of its profits.
• Employees: employees choose to make recurring contributions.
• Customers: the company adopts a permanent fundraising program where it gives its customers the opportunity to make contributions. 

2.- Throughout the year, they make in-kind donations of goods, services and expertise that support our operations and help us fulfill our mission more efficiently and economically:

• Professional services: Doctors, dentists, others.
• Materials and supplies
• Food
• Furniture
• Print and electronic media coverage
• Design and printing services

3.- They support us in specific situations with in-kind or monetary donations..

4.- Sponsorship of events: they help us to organize fundraising events, donating:

•  Food and beverages
• Entertainment
• Furniture
• Services
• Venue 



1.- Contribute to the maintenance of our girls and teens with only $500.00 pesos per month.

2.- A Legacy can be the most significant gift you can make in your life, because it gives you the opportunity to change the future of the girls and teenagers of Casa Hogar Santa Julia.


We appreciate your interest, but for the moment, due to our internal policies, WE DO NOT HAVE A VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.



Have you thought that some of your assets can be transformed into a positive impact on the lives of children and teenagers of Casa Hogar Santa Julia?

- With the amount of money you decide, or shares or investment funds
- With vehicles, artwork or jewelry
- With real estate, such as: apartments, houses, land or businesses
- It is also possible to include Casa Hogar Santa Julia as a beneficiary in your life insurance

"You can give back and be grateful for the bounties you have received throughout your life."

You can protect your loved ones through your will, and you can also do it for the girls and teenagers of Casa Hogar Santa Julia, turning it into a Planned Giving

By including Casa Hogar Santa Julia in your will, you will be helping to finance projects in favor of the girls and teenagers of Casa Hogar Santa Julia; it will allow to transform the lives of disadvantaged girls and teenagers, creating lasting and permanent changes in their lives

This can be your legacy and through your Planned Giving you will ensure that your wishes for protecting your loved ones and the girls and adolescents of Casa Hogar Santa Julia are fulfilled

Include Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C. in your will, as heir or beneficiary, it is only necessary to indicate it before a notary, including the following information:

▶Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C.

Privada de Chupiros No.5
Colonia Santa Julia
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
C.P. 37734 Mexico 

How will Casa Hogar Santa Julia know that I have made a will or bequeathed in their favor? 

The notary who has authorized the will is obliged to notify the non-profit entities, which appear in the will, at the moment he/she learns of the testator's death

Who will be responsible for notifying and delivering the will and bequests to Casa Hogar Santa Julia?

The heirs are responsible for notifying and delivering the bequests. Notaries must also communicate these dispositions to non-profit entities, which appear in the same


You can become a sponsor of Casa Hogar Santa Julia, where for $500.00 pesos ($25 USD) a month you can sponsor one of our girls or teenagers and help them with their support. If you are a company, you can become a monthly donor for the amount you wish through a bank transfer, credit card charge or in-kind donation. As we are a Mexican authorized non-profit, we can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt

We appreciate your interest, but for the moment, due to our internal policies we DO NOT HAVE A VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.

NO. The procedures are done through legal channels directly with PEPNNA (Procuraduría Estatal de Protección de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes del Sistema Estatal para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia del Estado de Guanajuato). For more information you can call (473) 102 1200

NO. We do not accept voluntary admission to Casa Hogar Santa Julia. We only receive minors that are referred by a governmental institution with the legal custody authorization (Public Prosecutor's Office, Attorney General's Office and different DIF's of the State)


Privada de Chupiros #5. Colonia Santa Julia.
C.P. 37734. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. México.


+52 (415) 152-4897

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