Mission, Vision, objectives and Values


Social Assistance Center (CAS) dedicated to safeguard children and teenagers without parental care; abandoned, with a high risk of domestic violence and / or with a situation of greater vulnerability: Being part of a family with addictions, being victims of crime, belonging to a rural community with withdrawal, among others.


To maintain the conditions of wellbeing and special protection that benefit the quality of life of girls and teenagers to reduce the suffering during their process; thus achieving a physical, mental, spiritual and social development, being this the foundation from which their human dignity is rebuilt.


- To provide a welcoming stay in which girls and teenagers are guaranteed the restitution of their human rights through professional services provided by trained personnel, experienced, and sensitive to their problems.

- To guarantee alternative, temporary care; with quality and warmth, within a safe and violence-free space.


Casa Hogar Santa Julia


"Casa Hogar Don Bosco, A.C., was founded on February 18, 1959, in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato; providing care to girls and boys alike, having its address at that time in Diez de Sollano Street.

In 1978 the children were separated and Casa Hogar de "Mexiquito" was founded, currently known as "Santuario Hogar Guadalupano, A.C.".

In 2001 "Casa Hogar Santa Julia" was founded, where the little girls from Casa Hogar Don Bosco were transferred to; located at Privada de Chupiros No.5, in Colonia Santa Julia.

Thinking of the wellbeing of the girls and adolescents of the two homes, Casa Hogar Don Bosco and Casa Hogar Santa Julia merged under the name of "Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C.", in 2013.

Casa Hogar Santa Julia Don Bosco, A.C., also known as Casa Hogar Santa Julia, is a CAS (Social Assistance Center) with more than 60 years of experience in the care of children and teenagers, which arises as an immediate response to the need to safeguard their life and integrity.

We are a CAS dedicated to support girls and adolescents coming from disintegrated, dysfunctional families and with lack of affection within the same; integrating them to an environment of social coexistence through a human, social and transcendent formation. 


Hna. María Isabel Hernández Rodríguez – President and Legal Representative
Hna. Sofía Laura Rangel Salazar – Treasurer
Hna. Macrina Jiménez Torres - Secretary
Hna. Amelia Vázquez Sánchez – Member
Hna. Yolanda Alcalá González – Member 


Sr. María Isabel Hernández Rodríguez – Director and Legal Representative
Sr. Yolanda Alcalá González – Caregiver
Sr. María de los Ángeles González Rodríguez
Sr. María Guadalupe Chamán Lica – Caregiver
Sr. Macrina Jiménez Torres – Caregiver
Sr. Juana Medina Sánchez – Caregiver


T.S. Marisol Ibarra Delgado – Social Worker
Lic. Liliana V. Castañeda Trujillo – Projects and Donations Coordinator
Lic. Laura Martínez Guerrero – Psychologist
Lic. Santiago Martin Lara Hernández – Psychologist
Juan de Jesús Luna Luna - Driver and Maintenance
Elías Tavera – Driver and Maintenance
Ma. Teresa Llamas Sánchez – Prefect and Housekeeper
Emelina Ramírez Rodríguez – Laundry Supervisor
María Guadalupe Granados Zapatero – Kitchen Supervisor
Liliana Estudiante Ramírez – Kitchen Assistant
Marlen González Zamudio – Kitchen Assistant (Weekends)
Dulce María González Llamas – Admissions
Laura Zendejas Reynoso – Cleaning Supervisor


Privada de Chupiros #5. Colonia Santa Julia.
C.P. 37734. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. México.


Email: info@santajulia.org
+52 (415) 152-4897

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